DAN’S HPRIZE – The Dan Roth Lunar Hamilton Prize


The Google XPRIZE folk have announced that nobody’s going to meet their deadline and win the $20 million for landing a spacecraft on the moon, traveling 500 meters, and sending HD video back to earth.   Google deserves credit for being willing to pony up $20 million originally, even if they got tired of waiting, but I don’t want the contest to end without a winner.

Therefore, I am happy to announce The Dan Roth Lunar Hamilton Prize (“DAN’S HPRIZE”).  My pockets aren’t quite as deep as Google’s, so my prize won’t be quite as big as theirs.  I will award to the team who completes the goals defined in the original challenge a $10 bill, a box of moon pies, and a signed certificate of accomplishment.

So, come on, all you space entrepreneurs and wannabes out there – get cracking.  The Dan Roth Lunar Hamilton Prize awaits.

Also, if anybody else out there wants to toss in something else to sweeten the pot, let me know. For the right contribution(s) to the prize, I’d even consider changing the name.

The Dan Roth Lunar Hamilton Prize is named for the picture of the late Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill. It is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Alexander Hamilton himself, his wife Elizabeth, his wife’s sister Angelica, his wife’s other sister Peggy, his son Philip, his other son Philip, or Lin-Manuel Miranda. It’s also not affiliated with Google, XPRIZE, Liza Minelli, Judy Garland, Major League Baseball, The American Trucking Associations, Chattanooga Bakery Inc, The United States Treasury Dept, NASA, the Daleks, or the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.